Monday, June 23, 2008


Welcome to my blog! I'm so excited to finally have one! For the longest time I have been asking for one, but unfortunately until now my requests have been denied. Finally after a couple months of convincing my parents that blog spot isn't like myspace (which they are convinced was sent straight from the devil himself), they finally allowed me to start my blogging career. Well, the truth is that I have relatively little to blog about. It's the middle of the summer, and i have absolutely nothing going on (which is one of the few reasons why I actually have time to sit here and type stuff that random people will be able to read online). A bunch of my friends are at EFY (which I'm too young to go to !) and I've just gotten back from summer camp which was very fun. I would honestly be surprised if my mother hasn't already written a colorful post all about how she is never going to let me go to summer camp again based on some of the wonderful tales she's been fed by the ward :) All of them are fictional of course (like the one about the alligator). Ok, maybe they're not completely fictional, but they're at least exaggerated I'm sure. Well, I would highly recommend checking out my playlist, because I have spent much time searching for the best of the best. If any of you who are reading my blog also play guitar, I think that you'll really enjoy the first song on the list. Some songs are simple and sweet, other songs are just cool. Well, this song is a spring of pure awesomeness, a fountain of raw talent. I have already run out of things to say, so I guess I should call it quits for now, but I will update you A.S.A.S.H. (as soon as something happens).


Julie Konchar said...

Carter (aka Quinn, during our phone chats), your blog amazes me! Nicely done. I hope you won't stop posting even when your life stops being boring when school starts again. And I hope this doesn't elicit one of you patented eye rolls when I say you sound like you are 25. But maybe it will be your mom that rolls her eyes instead!
I will be checking out your playlist because if anyone needs help musically it is me. I wouldn't last a whole song with your extended family and the bells, but I would cause your mother to harm herself from fits of laughter just watching me try. It is a gift.

Rachel said...

Woohoo, Carter has a blog! I'm excited to read it, so keep posting!

Your parents are right, Myspace is straight from Hades, but you *might* convince them to try Facebook. It rocks.

Cool playlist! I need to check some of that stuff out!

Aunt Ray Ray (Did you know that you're the one who gave me that nickname? I love it!)

SpaceyKasey said...

I, too, have wondered why Quinn was home during the day when I called...Only to realize it was Cater.

AKA Poopsy Schmoopsy. (Insert cheek-pinch here.)

I do love you.

Christy Bishop said...

Love your blog Carter! Hope something fun happens in your super boring life soon!

Oh and Dwight rocks!

Julie Konchar said...

Now Carter, let your Auntie Joonie give you some well-meant advice and a little gentle scolding on your posts. You need to post more. That first one was so pleasant that we are now conditioned to checking back. And nothing. See? Note the slight disappointment in my tone? We are not interested in whether you think you have anything interesting to write. If you really can think of nothing, put up a picture. But I'm sure you can find something to blog about.
Love, Auntie Joonie