Friday, July 11, 2008

Call me a nerd

Well, thanks to anty-Junie's reprimand on posting, I am back. For those of you who don't know me that well, I am not into video games. I just can't seem to get into them. It's bad enough that every other teenage boy in the world seems to be addicted to video games, but on the rare occasion that my friends do convince me to play Battlefront or Halo, I am terrible at them. I not only hate video games, but I can't play them for beans. In the history of the world as we know it, there have been five exceptions to my anti-video-game-policy. Two of the games are GuitarHero, and RockBand. Those don't even count as video games though. Those are music games. I have to love everything music related, otherwise I couldn't call myself an Uber Band Geek. Well another one of the games is Super Smash bros. Who doesn't love that game? The other one is Legend of Zelda (the ocorina one). Well, the most recent addition to my list of games, is Kingdom Hearts. Kingdom Hearts is a game where you can play alongside a bunch of Disney/Final Fantasy(another game series I can't understand) characters, in a bunch of Disney worlds, fighting a bunch of Disney villains. Well, I actualy beat the game! I was so excited. One of the cool things about Kingdom Hearts is that after you beat the game, there are still people to try and destroy! Well, the biggest baddest Scariest fictional character, in all of history (besides the Alaskan bull worm, for you Spongebob fans) is Sephiroth! Sephiroth the one winged angel. He's the scary looking dude with the long sword and one wing at the top of the screen. The first song on my playlist is his theme song. Call me a nerd, but he is the coolest videogame person ever. Very few people who beat Kingdom Hearts even come close to beating this guy. Well, me and two of my friends from my ward (David and Daniel) are having a sleepover at David's house. Keep in mind that both of these guys are naturally skilled at video games. I am not. When we planned this sleepover, we had two things that we wanted to do while we're there. First, We're going to watch every single M. Night Shamalan movie we can get our hands on. Second, we are going to try to beat Sephiroth. This will be a very interesting (and slightly nerdy) night. but I guess that everybody deserves a chance to be a dork, right? Well luckily, afterwards, I get to go Club Med, and un-dorkify myself.
Tah-tah for now,


Julie Konchar said...

Number 1, you will never be a nerd. Number 2, I should tell you I may not be the most qualified person to say who is or isn't a nerd, because I happen to love SpongeBob. Me and your aunt Rachel are very defensive of our little yellow friend. So in our world of fellow Relief Society women this puts is in at least the nerd category, if not worse. (I'm guessing worse.)
Anyway, thank you for posting and have a great time at Club Med.

Rachel said...

Julie's right. Spongebob rocks. And brings a tear to my eye WAY too often. And nerds are cool.

I hope you beat Sephiroth. and when you do, I want to hear all about it. I love his theme song! I might need to get that for my blog.

carter bastian said...

Well, Unfortunately the sleepover was reschedualed. but I did beat sephiroth on my own :)
You should have heard me, david, and daniel at scoutcamp. We quoted so much spongebob that almost everyone else, including leaders, got really really mad. We just kept on quoting though. And the funny thing is that we never ran out of refrences and quotes to go along with any given situation. Maybe because we had a sleepover on the day of the 24 hour marathon, and we didn't miss a single minute of it! Whatever you do, NEVER watch 96 episodes of spongebob consecutively :) you turn into a spongefreak.

Julie Konchar said...

A quote from my favorite SpongeBob episode:

Customization! Brilliant!!
He's tenderizing the ground!

Let's just see who is the master of SpongeSpeak, shall we? What is the episode that I just quoted?

And say hello to your mother, whom I am anxious to talk to and giggle with. Especially the giggle part.

carter bastian said...

Oh! so its a spoge war you want? well then, top this quote.
"Hey all you people,
Hey all you people,
Hey all you people won't you listen to meeeeeeeeeee?
Ijust had a sandwhich! no ordinary sandwich!
It was the tastiest sandwhich under the sea!
skd a ba de ba da boo da ba da bid a be dow! Yeah!"

name that episode!

Judy Ryan said...

Don't kid yourselves. You are ALL nerds.

Julie Konchar said...

Would that be the Jellyfish Jelly Krabby Patty? Wherein SpongeBob is forced by Mr. Krabs to hunt jellyfish for the restaurant? I believe that particular episode is found on my "To Love A Patty" compilation DVD.

But what of
"Walkin on the beach" (doopdoopdoopdoop)
"Walkin on the beach"

And we KNOW we're nerds, Judy Ryan. Here we celebrate our nerdhood!

carter bastian said...

"Well, the problem is you have it set to m for mini, when should be set to W for Wumbo."
"uh Patrick, I dont think Wumbo is a real word."
"Sure it is. you know, I Wumbo You wumbo, He, She Wumbo. Wumbo, Wumboing, We'll have the Wumbo, Wumbohumma, Wumbology, the study of Wumbo! Its first grade spongebob!"
"Patrick, Im sorry I doubted you."

Julie Konchar said...

Hmm, you have me at a disadvantage, Carter. I only have DVD's, no cable or dish (don't even get your mom started on this little topic!) so since I don't recognize that last one, I think it must be from a newer episode? I would hate to think I was letting SpongeBob down...